Make Games Together.

Impower is a free, open-source indie development platform that gives creative people the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.


Build anywhere. Play anywhere.

Impower works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices so you can use it anywhere. Even offline!

Who is Impower for?

We believe that with the right tools, all sorts of people can work together to make amazing things!

Why Impower?

The video game industry is one of the world's most popular creative industries, but also one of the most difficult to break into. Many potential indie developers feel overwhelmed, believing they must become superhuman solo developers who can do everything (art, writing, music, programming) all on their own. Others feel trapped working in large studios infamous for unreasonable crunch, frequent layoffs, toxic work-culture, and employee abuse. These barriers to entry decrease industry diversity and discourage many people from attempting to become game developers.

We at Impower believe that there is another way forward for the game industry.

Our mission is to drastically lower the barrier to entry for game development and improve the diversity and accessibility of the industry as a whole. By doing this, we hope to counteract many of the problematic aspects of the game industry today: taking power out of the hands of big studios and putting it back in the hands of the creative individuals who work everyday to make the games we love.

What's next?

Impower already has a lot of features that we feel developers will find useful. However, we are hard at work expanding our current featureset to support an even wider variety of game genres and creators.
Game Genre Roadmap

[A] 2D Story Games (aka Visual Novels)

[A] 2D Puzzle Games

[A] 2D Point-And-Click Adventure Games

2D Top down RPGs

2D Action Games

2D Platformers

3D Games

And more!

Development Platform Roadmap

[✓] Pitch Boards

[A] Studios

[A] Creative Commons Asset Library

[A] Collaborative Visual Game Engine

[A] Real time collaboration features

Monthly Game Jams

Tool Integrations (Github, Trello, Slack,, etc)

Monetary Integrations (Patreon, Kickstarter, etc)

Full-time Asset Creators

Official Asset Packs

Community Playtester Tools

Community Translation Tools

And more!

[✓] = Publicly Released

[A] = Available To Alpha Testers

You can suggest features you'd like supported next on our issue board!

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